Walker (crackmonkeyjr) wrote in jurisprudentia,

How does a lawyer present evidence of his own actions?

Tomorrow I am representing a client at an impartial hearing. A large portion of my case deals with the actions that previous students in my law clinic had taken to try to get the Board of Education to schedule a meeting with the BOE. Because of the informal nature of an impartial hearing, there shouldn't be any problem presenting evidence of these actions, basically I will just say that it happened, but it got me wondering how I would go about doing so in an actual trial with strictor rules of evidence, especially if I had been handling the case the whole time. I am under the impression that in order to present evidence at a trial, you need someone to take the stand. It seems wierd thatt a lawyer would call themself to the stand, but I'm not sure how else you would present this sort of evidence. Is there some other way that you can go about this?
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